I'm Mandi. I post things that i love and things i find to be beautiful. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

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Befriend broken people. They know how to survive.

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I already said too much. I already shared too much, and I want all my secrets back. I hate getting close to people these days, I always regret sharing too much, caring too much, doing too much, feeling too much.


Lifestyle photographer Grace Chon recently turned the camera on her 10-month-old baby Jasper and their 7-year-old rescue dog Zoey, putting them side-by-side in the some of the most adorable portraits ever.

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Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.
Me during the day:I'm so fucking tired oh my God I can't wait to go to bed tonight
Me during the night:Let's download the top 100 songs from the 90s and listen to them all while writing a novel and watching an entire season of something and maybe rearrange my room

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The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.